Zoning Administration

The City of Dayton’s zoning laws regulate the use and development of all land within the city of Dayton. Zoning Administration reviews for compliance with all building permits, and some development activities that do not require a building permit.

Zoning laws pertaining to each property are determined by the property’s base zoning district, and any overlay districts or Historic Districts that may be mapped over the property.

The City of Dayton’s zoning laws are administered by Zoning Administration, a subset of the Housing Division within the Planning, Neighborhoods, and Development Department. Zoning Administration works closely with the Building Division and the Planning Division to ensure compliance and a coordinated process takes place for each project.

Zoning Administration Applications

Each application below provides instructions for submitting. For sheds under 120 SF and other projects that do not require building permit review, please use the Zoning Only Review Application. The Zoning Only Review Application is also the application needed to request a “Zoning Referral” letter for the Board of Zoning Appeals.

For all applications that require building permit review in addition to zoning review, please visit the Building Permit Forms page