Zoning Administration

Effective September  2017, fees for City of Dayton zoning permits changed, following City Commission apprval of Ordinance 31585-17. Fees for plan reviews did not change. Fees for permits for zoning certificates and occupancy certificates have increase. Additionally, fees have been added for temporary use zoning permits, for written zoning verification and related zoning reports, and for hearings before the Board of Zoning Appeals.


The City of Dayton Zoning Administration plays an important role in the physical development of the community. The primary goal of Zoning Administration is to ensure that Dayton is a safe and desirable place to live, work and invest. Zoning is a critical tool to protect citizens from inappropriate and incompatible land uses that might create a negative impact on surrounding properties.

Information on these web pages will help you understand and comply with City regulations affecting land use, development, and building remodeling activities.

We suggest before you undertake any commercial or residential project you contact the City of Dayton's Zoning Administration office for more information and advice.

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