Planning, Neighborhoods & Development

The Department of Planning, Neighborhoods & Development is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Building Services, which is primarily responsible for assuring compliance with commercial and residential building construction codes;
  • Community Engagement, which communicates with residents about their concerns, involves residents and neighborhood organizations in City government, and empowers resident-driven efforts;
  • Development, which is comprised of Economic Development and Community Development;
  • Planning and Land Use, which maintains the official zoning code, facilitates land use requests, and completes area plans;
  • Mediation, which is a community leader in facilitating the constructive engagement of conflict; and
  • Housing and Enforcement, which assures compliance with adopted codes such as zoning and housing, while working to abate property nuisances.

The Department works to improve quality of life throughout the city, through strategic development efforts, implementation of adopted plans, policies, and land use codes, as well as support of its citizens through meaningful conversation.

For information, call 937-333-3670.