Green and Blue-Gold Certification


The DRG3 Green Business certification is a voluntary program designed to help businesses adopt basic green measures to:
  • Reduce their ecological footprint
  • Reduce their energy and resource use
  • Save money in the process
Earning Green Business Certification indicates that you are part of an innovative leadership movement to green your business operations and help transition to a sustainable future. To learn more about the Green500 Challenge and how your business can save resources and money, go to
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New Financial Opportunities for Businesses in the Source Water Protection Area

The Department of Water is in full support of DRG3’s Green 500 Challenge and we are ready to roll out new financial opportunities for businesses in the Source Water Protection Area (SWPA).

The Source Water Protection Program Multi-Jurisdictional partners of the City of Dayton, City of Riverside, Harrison Township and Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County would like to recognize SWPA businesses and entities which provide positive enhancements to the environment while protecting our aquifer which supplies drinking water to 99% of the region.

  • The Source Water Protection Fund is offering grants for Projects Under $10,000 to SWPA businesses for risk reduction projects and pollution prevention equipment.
  • Secondary containment, engineering controls, and any equipment or devices which reduce risk to the groundwater are eligible for funding through the Source Water Protection Fund.
  • These risk reduction incentives will assist businesses in attaining the new Blue-Gold Certification.
If your SWPA business is in Dayton, contact 937-333-3725. Outside of Dayton, contact 937-225-4460.
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