Waste Collection

The Division of Waste Collection is working for you by providing services to keep our community clean and litter-free! In addition to providing essential waste collection to city of Dayton residents, this Division also provides services to Jefferson Township and the city of Moraine.


These services include:
  • Weekly collection of waste from city provided containers at over 67,000 residences throughout Dayton;
  • Biweekly recycling collection of single-stream recyclables;
  • Pre-scheduled services like bulk waste pick-up, metal and tire collection;
  • Removal of litter, debris, waste and bulk from illegal dump sites;
  • Managing a green debris landfill for City and public use;
  • Recycling education through student tours and informational brochures;
  • Repair and replacement of waste containers;
  • Resources for Neighborhood Cleanup Scheduling.
Check your waste and recycling collection schedule by using our interactive map.
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Please follow these simple guidelines when placing your waste out for collection.


  • Have your roll-out container or bulk items out by 6:30 a.m. the day of your scheduled waste collection.
  • Keep bulk and metal items separated (they're picked up by a separate truck).
  • Keep yard waste separated from other collection items (it also must be cut and tied in 4-foot lengths no larger than 18 inches in diameter).
  • Remove containers from curb line, alley or front yard no later than 8 a.m. on the day after your collection day.
  • Place container at least 5 feet away from any object (cars, mailboxes, trees, etc.).
  • Always allow 3 feet between containers.
  • Place containers at curb (or alley) with handles facing house.
Container Spacing Guidelines


  • Overfill roll out (lid should be closed on roll out).
  • Place any hot items in roll out (e.g., ashes from fireplace).
  • Place roll out close to any obstruction (such as an automobile).
  • Put loose trash in roll out (wrap or bag all trash).
  • Have trash piled on or around roll out.
City of Dayton residents can dispose of hazardous waste and recycle electronics through the Montgomery County Solid Waste District.


Garbage and recycling are not collected on holidays. On weeks containing a holiday, waste collection service will be moved back one day following the holiday. For example, if your waste collection day is typically on Monday, but that day is a holiday, your garbage will be collected on Tuesday; Tuesday’s normal collection will then move to Wednesday, and so on, through Friday. Holidays include New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day.
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