Waste, Recycling, and Bulk Guidelines

— DO —

  • Have your roll-out container or bulk items out by 6:30 a.m. the day of your scheduled waste collection. Remember, you have a collection day, not a collection time.
  • Keep bulk and metal items separated (they're picked up by a separate truck).
  • Keep yard waste separated from other collection items (it also must be cut and tied in 4-foot lengths no larger than 18 inches in diameter).
  • Remove containers from curb line, alley or front yard no later than 8 a.m. on the day after your collection day.
  • Place container at least 5 feet away from any object (cars, mailboxes, trees, etc.).
  • Always allow 3 feet between containers.
  • Place containers at curb (or alley) with handles facing house.

Container Spacing Guidelines

— DON’T —

  • Overfill roll out (lid should be closed on roll out).
  • Place any hot items in roll out (e.g., ashes from fireplace).
  • Place roll out close to any obstruction (such as an automobile).
  • Put loose trash in roll out (wrap or bag all trash).
  • Have trash piled on or around roll out.

City of Dayton residents can dispose of hazardous waste and recycle electronics through the Montgomery County Solid Waste District.