Public Records Requests

Requests for Public Records may be completed by submitting a Public Records Request Form to any of the following points of contact. (Before submitting, please read our FAQs.)

Office of Communications & Public Affairs
City of Dayton
101 W 3rd Street
Dayton, OH 45402
Fax: 937-333-4269

City of Dayton Public Records 

The City of Dayton is committed to openness as a foundation for a better informed citizenry, which leads to better government and better public policy. Consistent with the premise that government at all levels exists first and foremost to serve the interests of the people, it is the mission and intent of the City of Dayton to at all times fully comply with and abide by both the spirit and the letter of Ohio’s Public Records Act.

A copy of the most recent edition of the Ohio Sunshine Laws manual is available via the Attorney General’s website for the purpose of keeping employees of the office and the public educated as to the office’s obligations under the Ohio Public Records Act, Open Meetings Act, records retention laws, and Personal Information Systems Act.

Managing Records

All City of Dayton records are subject to records retention schedules, which are updated regularly. The current retention schedules are available at City Hall, at a location readily available to the public, as required by §149.43(B)(2), Ohio Revised Code.

For a copy of our Public Records Policy please contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs as shown above.

Get Dayton Police Incident Reports

Records such as Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, Property Values, and 911 recordings can be obtained by contacting Montgomery County at 937-225-4000.

  1. Communications & Public Affairs

    Physical Address
    City Hall, Second Floor
    101 W. Third St.
    Dayton, OH 45402

    Phone: 937-333-3616