City Flag Project

Dayton's New Flag Proudly Flies!

(Flag design revealed Dec. 15, 2021)

2021 Dayton Flag Web

Learn more about Dayton's new flag here.

In honor of Dayton's history -- and looking to our future -- we’re proud to unveil the new City of Dayton flag. 

Using colors often seen throughout the Dayton region of blue and green, this flag incorporates many of our shared values. 

Soaring into the sky is a view of the Wright Flyer’s wings, honoring not just our history of flight, but our commitment to innovation and striving higher. With its bold lines and colors, especially in vibrant green, we showcase our reputation as the “Gem City” and as a community centered on grit and tenacity. 

The wings of the flyer divide the flag into three sections: a green section symbolizing the land, a dark blue section honoring riverways in Dayton, and a light blue section symbolizing the sky. In addition, the five angled stripes (four white, one blue) represent the five rivers throughout the region, the critical waterways of our history and our present.

The City of Dayton thanks the many community members who submitted proposed flag designs, upon which the final design was based. 

Through it all, this proud new flag displays the diverse array of people and businesses who call Dayton home.