How does it work?
The applicant makes a deposit and submits an application outlining what they plan to do with the property and where their resources will come from. The City of Dayton confirms abandonment, approves (by ordinance) submission of a request to initiate a tax foreclosure to Montgomery County and takes possession of the property upon completion of the foreclosure case. Montgomery County removes all back taxes; the City of Dayton collects the remaining costs of the foreclosure from the applicant, and transfers ownership to the applicant as the end user. The average cost of a foreclosure is $2,000 to $2500. The average time frame for the process is about 15 to 20 months. Deposits are refundable only if the tax foreclosure cannot legally be completed. Additional recorded information about the Lot Links program is available by calling 937-333-3775.

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1. What is Lot Links?
2. How does it work?
3. What makes a property eligible for acquisition through Lot Links?
4. Where can I get an application?
5. How can I find out if a building has code violations or is on the nuisance/demolition list?
6. How do I search for potentially eligible tax-delinquent properties?
7. Are there detailed instructions for using the Lot Linker tool?
8. Where do I call with additional questions?