Who is being assessed?
All properties which will benefit from the street light improvement within the city will be assessed unless the property is within the identified exempted areas. The assessment will be applied to all property types (residential, commercial, etc). This includes the approximately 38% of the properties in the city that are not assessed property tax due to their tax status.

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1. What is a special assessment?
2. Why is the City utilizing a Street Light Special Assessment?
3. Who is being assessed?
4. How is the assessment calculated?
5. Where can I Go to locate my assessment?
6. How long will the assessment last?
7. What areas have been exempted and why?
8. How will I be charged for the assessment?
9. Will I receive an invoice?
10. How does this special assessment benefit me?
11. What are the standards?
12. Who do I contact with further questions?