What is the “Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood” program?

In 2016, city of Dayton voters passed Issue 9, an 8-year, 0.25% earned income tax to support expanded service-levels, new investments and the maintenance of essential public safety services. “Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood” is the implementation of this program over the next 8-years.  It supports four programs: vacant lot and boulevard mowing, city parks improvements, the Pre-school Promise program and residential road resurfacing.  Additionally, “Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood” supports the expansion of Police presence in city neighborhoods and the maintenance of fire suppression and emergency response activities.

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1. What is the “Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood” program?
2. What is Preschool Promise?
3. When will the vacant lot or boulevard in my neighborhood be mowed?
4. How many vacant lots are mowed?
5. When will my street be resurfaced?
6. How long will it take to resurface my road?
7. What is Pavement Condition Index?
8. When will the park in my neighborhood be improved?
9. When will my neighborhood see more Police?
10. Do you have more financial data available?
11. How frequently are the Dashboards updated?
12. Can I view Dashboards from a previous year?
13. How do I navigate the map feature in the dashboards?
14. Can I view the Dashboards on a smartphone?
15. How do I use the Issue 9 Dashboards?