Where can I Go to locate my assessment?
There are two methods you can look up your assessment:
1. Online at daytonohio.gov/streetlights
2. In person, during regular hours of operation, in the Clerk of Commission’s Office located on the second floor at 101 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402.

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1. What is a special assessment?
2. Why is the City utilizing a Street Light Special Assessment?
3. Who is being assessed?
4. How is the assessment calculated?
5. Where can I Go to locate my assessment?
6. How long will the assessment last?
7. What areas have been exempted and why?
8. How will I be charged for the assessment?
9. Will I receive an invoice?
10. How does this special assessment benefit me?
11. What are the standards?
12. Who do I contact with further questions?