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Oct 07

Celebrating Customer Service

Posted on October 7, 2022 at 10:31 AM by Alex Despain

October 3, 2022, through October 7, 2022, was National Customer Service Week. But, of course, the Planning Division is dedicated to practicing exceptional customer service every day of the year. And we don’t just talk about it – we practice it in everything we do.

Planning staff prides itself on thoroughly communicating with residents. Everyone deserves a clear and timely response. Everyone deserves to be heard.

One of the best parts of this job is the ability to exceed expectations when it comes to the anticipated disposition of a public employee. Honesty, candor, and a pleasant demeanor can immediately improve a resident's view of public employees, and their view of the city in which they live. Let’s face it—no one is calling the Planning Division for the fun of it. So when we are able to act in such a way that is engaging and personable, we break down barriers and help convey that we are all on the same side – we all just want a better Dayton.

Whether you are a professional developer or an individual looking to make changes to a property, staff will happily take time for you. The opportunity to improve this city is something we cherish, and we take great pride in this customer service-driven profession.

City of Dayton Planning Division Staff Pictured Together

The City of Dayton Planning Division staff always embraces customer service, although we do not always wear matching Dayton gear.