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Feb 07

City Seeks Feedback on Draft of Transportation Plan 2040

Posted on February 7, 2017 at 2:28 PM by Office of Communication & Public Affairs

The Department of Planning and Community Development has released a draft of its Transportation Plan 2040 in order for the public to review the document and provide feedback and ask questions about the City's future and decision-making process regarding transportation.

The key objective of the Transportation Plan 2040 is to create a vision for the growth of the City’s transportation system. Unlike previous plans, this plan will take into account surrounding land use and transportation modes beyond the traditional automobile to create a complete street transportation system.

Read the full plan here.

The plan inventories and categorizes Dayton’s existing streets according to the function they serve and the characteristics of surrounding land use. The plan provides several types of streets or street typologies based on this existing inventory. The Typologies were developed to demonstrate how multiple modes of travel could be accommodated within our existing pavement or right-of-way width. The plan also recommends a methodology for identifying streets with the greatest potential for improvement and outlines a process determining what kind of improvements should be made.

Share your feedback and ideas on the plan on Community Voice

Dayton’s street network was originally designed when Dayton’s industrial businesses were booming and the automobile was king-of-the-road. Today, the City is changing; growth in healthcare, education and business sectors are diversifying our economy. Dayton’s centers of higher learning are attracting and retaining a bright young workforce in search of urban living. These economic and population changes are just some of the trends that have led to a need for new options.

The Dayton Transportation Plan 2040 is designed to integrate alternative and active modes of transportation into our existing automobile oriented network. The plan outlines new concepts in roadway design that will accommodate the needs of all modes of transportation while taking into consideration the changing land uses that run parallel to our streets.