To Increase transparency in the process to report suspected police misconduct and strengthen the Citizen Appeal Board made up of community members.

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Complaint Method Process
File a formal complaint with the Dayton Police Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) PSB either conducts an investigation or assigns the complaint to the appropriate supervisor. The Citizen receives a letter indicating the results along with Citizen’s Appeals Board process pamphlet
Citizens’ Appeal Board (CAB) If a citizen is not satisfied with the result of the PSB review, they may appeal to the CAB, which consists of:

• One legal community
• One former law officer
• Three citizens

Appointed by Commission
Operates outside of the Dayton Police Department

Utilize the Dayton Delivers application to make a complaint via the internet
City of Dayton Website also has a link for reports
All requests through the Dayton Delivers app are forwarded to the appropriate department
Contact the Regional Dispatch Center (RDC) and request to speak with a Dayton Police Supervisor Most common source of complaints. The RDC will generate a Citizen Complaint call for an on-duty supervisor to handle.
Send an email straight to Law Department (recently implemented) The Law Department receives the complaints and determines the best course of investigation
Email/Letter Complaints Complaints may be sent via email or letter to various entities within the city organization
Utilizing other Agencies Complaints may be completed with the NAACP or  Human Relations Council
Direct to Supervisor Citizens may make complaints directly to a DPD Supervisor