Pop-up Patio Program

Due to the continuing COVID-19 health crisis, the City of Dayton is extending the Pop-Up Patio Program through December 31, 2021.

In 2020, the City of Dayton launched a pilot program to create temporary outdoor dining and customer service areas to assist businesses in expanding seating capacity while meeting social distancing health and safety requirements. As the community works to recover from this crisis while keeping our community safe, we are extending the Pop-Up Patio Program through the end of 2021.

The Pop-Up Patio Program provides businesses with guidance on planning, installing, and operating new patios and customer seating on private property or in public right-of-way areas, including sidewalks or curbside parking zones.

The intent of the Pop-Up Patio Program is to help our business community recoup lost internal capacity by providing a streamlined permitting process for exterior seating and retail spaces. The program is not intended to support large exterior party venues or to accommodate large gatherings. Any application or proposal that violates this intent will be denied approval.

Included are guidelines for:Pop-Up Patio Program Logo

  • Patio expansions
  • Parklets (platform cafes)
  • Pedlets (temporary walkways around expanded seating areas).

City of Dayton staff members assist businesses with the application and permitting process, as well as guidance on public safety, construction, building materials and aesthetic appeal.

In recognition of the needs of businesses, guidance is provided for both temporary and permanent (beyond December 31, 2021) installations.

Availability of the Pop-Up Patio Program guidelines follows discussion of a proposal by the City Commission. The program was developed by the City of Dayton Departments of Planning and Community Development, Public Works, and Economic Development, in cooperation with the Downtown Dayton Partnership.

Interested businesses may contact the City of Dayton via email at susan.vincent@daytonohio.gov or by calling 937-333-3683.


Businesses with permits issued in 2020 need to submit a renewal application if they plan to operate their Pop-Up in 2021. There is no fee for renewal but a new permit for 2021 is required to legally operate a Pop-Up Patio this year. 

If you are proposing any changes to your previously approved site plan you must complete a new application.

2021 Pop-Up Patio Program Renewal Form


Pop-Up patio extension outside Mudlick Tap House