Information Technology


To connect citizens to their government through the efficient and secure use of technology and work with our community to promote a digital city that is flexible and responsive to the citizens we serve.


We are committed to providing innovative, secure, reliable, and integrated technology solutions by actively collaborating with every City department and the community to provide the most effective and efficient use of all public technology services.


The Department of Information Technology provides innovative vision, leadership, and strategic planning in the acquisition, implementation and secure use of technology to improve services provided to citizens and community partners.


The Department of Information Technology is required to provide a secure centralized data network including wireless for support of City Department information, telephony and cloud services. Additionally, the Department is responsible for reprographic, mail parcel services and the implementation, support and maintenance of all City hardware and software solutions that enable Departments to create, maintain, share, and analyze data. Finally, the Department develops security policies and guidelines to mitigate risk of information misuse and/or loss.