Artist's Rendition of Dayton Bike Yard
Completed multi-use trail in Dayton Bike Yard with overlapping project complete stamp

Multi-Use Trail

The multi-use trail is intended for all users’ enjoyment. Everyone can utilize this path for fitness or fun. This element travels around the perimeter of the park. Montgomery County-Dayton Public Health funded the original installation of this feature with a $30,000 grant which was completed in 2019. As part of the 2022 construction project, this trail will be paved to improve its accessibility and usability.

Bicycle playground in background with project complete checkmark in upper right corner

Bicycle Playground

A Bicycle Playground is a playground designed with features for kids to ride. Everybody can use and enjoy a Bicycle Playground regardless of age. Many people live in neighborhoods where kids don’t have a safe place to learn to ride. At a Bicycle Playground, parents can teach kids to ride in an area that is safe and provides opportunities for easy progression. The bicycle playground was completed in 2021.

Artist's rendering of Velo Solutions pump tracks at Dayton Bike Yard

Velo Solutions Pump Tracks

“Pump” describes the technique of generating momentum on a bike without pedaling. By shifting weight on the bike and “pumping” over rollers and through turns a rider can produce forward momentum. This action builds focus, concentration, and intensity. These undulations allow a skilled rider to navigate the track without pedaling. This park will have two Velo Solutions pump tracks that provide experiences for all ability levels. Both the novice and advanced pump track will be a hardened surface providing minimized maintenance and more opportunities for riding in inclement weather.

Artist's rendering of single track at Dayton Bike Yard

Singletrack with Technical Features

Resembling traditional natural surface trails that most mountain bikers are familiar with, this area will have technical trail features including stone and rock, as well as pre-fabricated skills elements to help riders work on their technique and riding skills. The singletrack trail is intended for those who are just getting into mountain biking or want a more lin¬ear path to explore. Bikers can improve their skills by testing out the alternate features around the trail.

Artist's rendering of flow trails at Dayton Bike Yard

Flow Trails

“Flow” describes the roller coaster-like sensations a rider experiences when piloting a bicycle through a thoughtfully designed route. A purpose-built “flow” trail maximizes the attributes of the terrain while minimizing interruptions imposed by sharp turns or abrupt braking. Flow trails are generally descents. They create a rolling rhythm by smoothly combining features like banked turns, rollers, and jumps to guide the rider through the landscape in a seamless fashion. The Dayton Bike Yard’s flow trails will be asphalt to ensure a sustainable, safe park all year round.

Artist's rendering of jump lines at Dayton Bike Yard

Jump Lines

These are a series of jump take-offs and landings where the riders perform tricks while airborne. Jumps are built in a range of sizes that allow for progression for beginner jumpers to expert athletes. The Jump Lines will be paved to ease maintenance and to ensure a consistent experience day in and day out.

Artist's rendering of rhythm section at Dayton Bike Yard

Rhythm Section 

A Rhythm Section is a series of dirt or asphalt surface rollers, doubles, tabletops, and berms that riders pump through, sometimes side-by-side in race format. Consider this a linear pump track. The DBY Rhythm Section will be constructed of asphalt and include prefabricated features.