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Hundreds of City of Dayton employees will knock on doors at over 18,000 Dayton households during late spring and summer as the City rolls out its new Neighborhood Matters community engagement initiative. Employees will listen to residents' concerns about neighborhood issues and comments about City government and services. 

Residents will also be reminded of upcoming and recent service improvements including the return of curbside loose leaf pickup and the expansion of residential street resurfacing, as well as the City's commitment to water quality. Requests for services will be documented and reported to City departments using a special code in the Dayton Delivers customer service app.

Neighborhood Matters walks are scheduled for nine Fridays beginning May 31  (through August 2, with the exception of July 5), from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The schedule calls for visits to 9,201 addresses in five East Dayton neighborhoods and 8,959 addresses in 10 West Dayton neighborhoods. 

Employees will walk neighborhoods in pairs and will be identifiable by their brightly colored t-shirts and City of Dayton badges. Approximately 400 staff members are expected to participate. When residents are not at home or otherwise unavailable to talk, employees will leave behind an information packet. 

Neighborhood Matters 2019 Route Map

Neighborhood Matters Route Map

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Neighborhood Matters Materials

Below are some of the printed materials employees will provide to residents.

Street Paving Brochure

Street Paving Brochure

Important Numbers

Important Numbers


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