Preferred Property Program

The City of Dayton Preferred Property Program fosters responsible landlord behavior and sound and well-managed rental housing, while discouraging activities that do harm to residents and neighborhoods. The program acts as a “stamp of approval” or an indication that a property meets all safety, property and other requirements of the City of Dayton.

To Qualify

  • Each property must qualify separately (4 units or less) 
  • Enroll/complete a property manager training course offered by the City of Dayton (or an equivalent course)*
  • Schedule a Division of Housing Inspection property assessment of the property exterior to ensure the property is clear of any housing violations and is structurally sound



  • Recognition by the City as an option for those seeking good, quality housing
  • A free listing of the property on
  • The City of Dayton seal of approval to use electronically on property’s website and physically for marketing materials
  • Invitations to quarterly round table with City departments
  • Access to mediation services offered by the Dayton Mediation Center
  • Access to free forms online
  • Access to discounted credit and criminal background checks
  • Access to mediation services offered by the Dayton Mediation Center

To Apply

  1. Complete the Property Manager Training course
  2. Register property with Montgomery County rental registry
  3. Fill out the Preferred Property Application

Next Steps

On-site assessments will be set up after the application is completed.

Once approved, your property will be listed on City of Dayton’s Preferred Property website.

Maintaining your Preferred Property status

Property managers must renew every three years from initial Preferred Property status and complete six hours of continuing education credits within a three-year period.

More information is available on the City of Dayton’s Preferred Property website.


Contact Jacob Davis at 937-333-1437 or


Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors Association (GDREI)

Greater Dayton Apartment Association (GDAA)

The City of Dayton makes no representation or warranty about the safety, quality or habitability of the properties, and the City program does not include any structural inspections, inspections for hazardous building materials, including asbestos and/or lead paint, or other potential hazards or liabilities associated with the properties.