Small Waterfall Dayton is home to one of the country's largest natural underground aquifers, the Great Miami Buried Aquifer. This abundant source of water provides a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalize on Ohio's most affordable natural resource. It also nourishes Dayton's watersheds and supports a variety of wildlife.

Buckeye Vodka spun off from a local bottled water company to create a unique product that has taken the liquor industry by surprise. The family-owned company made the choice to invest in Dayton because of the clean and reliable water provided by the City's Department of Water.

National brands such as Cargill and Pepsi also have long-established operations in Dayton. They know that access to a constant supply of water will be key to their future as other regions battle droughts and water shortages. The University of Dayton is another strong regional partner in the protection and promotion of Dayton's water resources.

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