Living With Historic Zoning

Certificates of Appropriateness

Before exterior repairs or modifications or demolition are made to a property in the Dayton Register of Historic Places the owner must seek a Certificate of Appropriateness for the proposed activity from the Department of Planning and Community Development (937-333-4271). There is no fee associated with a Certificate of Appropriateness. There are two types of Certificates of Appropriateness.


Minor Certificates of Appropriateness are issued for the following:

  • Painting existing painted surfaces
  • Construction of a deck or patio
  • Replacement of roofs, doors, windows and gutter systems, which match the existing design
  • Minor repair of surfaces that match existing design
  • Repair or installation of new accessory structures like garages or sheds
  • Repair or installation of fencing
  • Removal of non-contributing additions or accessory structures
  • Major landscaping, including removing mature trees
The City's Preservation Officer has the authority to issue Minor Certificates of Appropriateness, typically same-day. Just email or call Holly Hornbeak at or 937-333-4271.


Major Certificates of Appropriateness are issued for the following:

  • Painting unpainted surfaces
  • Construction or removal of contributing buildings, additions or accessory structures
  • Construction or removal of porches
  • Construction or removal of decorative details such as chimneys, latticework, gables, gingerbread, soffits and shutters
  • Construction or removal of window or door openings
  • Signage
  • Alteration or removal of significant style elements, like slate and tile roofs
  • Changing interior spaces of significant structures which are open to the public
Only the Landmark Commission has the authority to approve major modifications.