Street Light Special Assessment

The Dayton City Commission has approved ordinances allowing a special assessment to fund street lighting system improvements. Street light system costs are being assessed to all property owners in the city of Dayton benefiting from the street lighting system. By applying the costs to all property owners including residential, commercial, industrial, and property tax-exempt properties, the City is able to ensure a low and equitable assessment rate. The special assessment is for the six-year period of July 2014 to June 2020. You can find details of the assessment, including the apportioned cost for each key parcel, in the links below.

All property owners subject to the special assessment had the option to pay their assessment in advance by August 29, 2014. Those who did not could include the assessment on their Montgomery County property tax bill annually from 2015 through 2020. A five percent administrative fee is applied annually by the County Auditor if it is assessed to a property tax bill.

For questions regarding the Street Light Special Assessment, please contact the City of Dayton’s Public Works Call Center at 937-333-4800. Please refer back to this page for future updates and additional information as it becomes available.