Enforcement Response Plan

The City of Dayton’s Sewer Use Ordinance contains regulations applicable to persons discharging wastewater to the City’s sanitary sewers and wastewater treatment facilities, along with specific authority to enforce those regulations. This Enforcement Response Plan has been developed by the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program and is used as a guidance when implementing enforcement actions to assure that users of the City’s wastewater facilities comply with the provisions of the City’s Sewer Use Ordinance.

Informal enforcement actions may be undertaken by the City in response to minor compliance issues, such as improper sampling methods, inadequate maintenance of equipment, minor reporting errors, etc. These issues can generally be resolved through a telephone call, informal letter, or a site visit to a user’s facility. Formal enforcement actions must be undertaken to ensure compliance when significant violations occur.

The following is a list of six formal actions that may be taken as enforcement actions for violations that are considered significant, or that meet the criteria for Significant Non-Compliance:

  • Notice of Violation (NOV)
  • Compliance Order (may include an enforceable Compliance Schedule)
  • Administrative Fees
  • Civil Action
  • Termination of Sewer Services
  • Criminal Action
In addition, Significant Non-Compliance will result in public notification through newspaper publication of the violation(s).

The list of formal actions is described in detail in the Enforcement Response Plan document.