Tap Into Dayton

A blend of quality and value

Whether it’s to quench the thirst of your employees, to cool machinery or help improve the flow of a manufacturing process, clean and abundant water will play a crucial role in the future of your business.

While it’s our mission to deliver abundant high quality water, we know it’s vital for both existing and emerging businesses that we deliver it at an affordable price as well. A quick comparison of our costs with nearby localities – not to mention with other states – shows just how affordable our water supply is.

And that is just the beginning! With excess capacity already built into the system, Dayton has areas within the region zoned commercial or industrial that have water mains large enough to meet your demands today and your expansion plans for tomorrow. The result? We can keep water flowing to your business no matter how ambitious your growth plans. Dayton can deliver that water at a lower initial cost – and with lower rates

Uninterrupted supplies

From more than 100 wells, we currently pump, treat and serve water to over 400,000 people throughout the Miami Valley. We pump more than 23 billion gallons through our distribution systems to homes and businesses alike. Inside the City of Dayton alone, we maintain more than 750 miles of water mains to serve our customers.
Unsurpassed water quality

Today a network of nearly 200 monitoring wells surrounds our well fields. To ensure consistent quality, our water laboratory performs thousands of analytical tests on drinking water. We take samples of water throughout our distribution system daily, checking and analyzing those samples for treatment process control and making sure our water surpasses every regulatory requirement.

Complete, comprehensive support facilities

Here’s a quick snapshot of the water facilities available to serve you and your business:
  • 3 well fields
  • 2 water treatment plants
  • 1 lime recovery facility
  • 2 main pumping stations
  • 11 booster pumping stations
  • 16 water storage facilities
  • Sophisticated filtering systems
  • Carries an optimal chlorine level throughout the distribution system
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Relocating? Expanding? Tap into Dayton Water

The City of Dayton Department of Water has LIQUID ASSETS to serve your business

Abundant water

The Dayton region is fortunate to obtain its drinking water from an underground reservoir – the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer – which is naturally filtered and continuously replenished. The aquifer is the largest and most prolific groundwater system in the state of Ohio and one of the largest groundwater systems in the country.

Plenty of treatment capacity

Our two, large water treatment plants each are rated at 96 million gallons per day. Based on these system ratings, excess capacity is immediately available to serve new businesses that locate here – without additional costs for infrastructure that otherwise would be passed on to customers.

Our completely separate sanitary sewer transports the region’s wastewater and protects citizens from overflows. Like our water facilities, our 72-million-gallon-per-day advanced wastewater treatment facility has plenty of capacity. We can handle increasing amounts of wastewater produced by large industrial customers – food processing, bottling, brewing, metal finishing and manufacturing – long into the future. Because our sanitary and storm systems are separate, we have the lowest sustainable sewer rates in the region.

Extensive infrastructure, robust systems

We maintain 800 miles of water mains that if laid end-to-end would extend to Dayton to Florida. Our staff members work around the clock to maintain the integrity of this comprehensive water distribution system, available to serve the entire Dayton region.

Our wastewater collection, treatment and distribution systems are robust and can accommodate small, medium and large customers – no matter where they choose to locate throughout the region.

Safe, high-quality water

The Department of Water is committed to providing a safe water supply. Surrounding the region’s well fields are early-warning monitoring wells that keep a watchful eye over our regional source water. These monitors ensure our groundwater remains safe for our customers.

Our multi-jurisdictional Source Water Protection Program is known internationally and modeled by other municipalities across the United States. This program, designed to spur economic development with groundwater-friendly businesses in our region’s well-field areas, has been recognized by organizations including The Groundwater Foundation, American Water Works Association, Ground Water Protection Council, International City and County Management Association and the National Civic League.

For less than a penny a day, the department can provide a glass of great-tasting , high-quality drinking water. The truth? Our tap water is not only clean, safe and tested but also just as convenient as bottled water.

Softened water

The region has recycled lime, which is needed for softening water and improving water quality. This abundant resource and our softening facilities allow us to supply softened water at lower rates than other jurisdictions. Supplying softened water is a significant value with payback since our customers do not incur additional expenses for installing and maintaining private softening systems. The department’s lime recycling and softening processes are emulated nationwide.

Low surcharges for wastewater

Jurisdictions without sufficient capacity or advanced facilities must pay expensive wastewater treatment surcharges (biochemical oxygen demand/total suspended solids, or BOD/SS). Ultimately, these charges are passed on to customers. Because our facilities are so advanced, our BOD/SS surcharge rates are the lowest in the tri-state area. And that makes it affordable for businesses to operate plants in our region.

Expert staff, model processes

Water engineers and technicians outside the region travel to Dayton to receive operations training from our reputable, nationally recognized water professionals. Our department is known as a “training hub” for the water industry.

Regional fire protection

Throughout the region, 5,700 hydrants receive their water supply from the City of Dayton Department of Water. Customers rely on us to provide sufficient supply and pressure to get the job done.

Opportunities for geothermal technology

More businesses want to apply geothermal technology to reduce their energy consumption. In the Dayton region, the average groundwater temperatures are optimal year-round to meet the heating and cooling needs of any business.