Identify Our Employees

City of Dayton employees rarely ask to enter your house. In the event that a city employee needs access to a water meter, here's how to tell our employees from an imposter:

  • Our employees drive official vehicles clearly marked with our city seal seen below.
  • They will always have a photo ID badge with Dayton city seal on the front. (You might see them in bright green or orange shirts.)
  • Although it is not common for Water Quality Lab personnel to ask to enter a home to collect water samples, there are occasions where they will ask to enter a residence to sample their water. The resident is free to deny our request for access.
  • Our employees will never request or collect payment at your home.

Call Us

If you're concerned about someone who has approached or called your home regarding your water service, call our front desk at (937) 333-3725 during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM). After hours, call our emergency number at (937) 333-4900.

Our employees wear light green vests with reflectors.

Sewer Maintenance workers

Our Vehicles

Below are sample images of Dayton Fleet Vehicles. The division name and City of Dayton city seal are visible from on the driver and passenger doors. The vehicle id number is visible on the rear driver side.
Environmental Management Truck
Environmental Management Truck
Back of Water vehicle with number shown