Group Fitness Classes

Looking for a Fun, friendly environment to motivate and challenge you?

Your search is over!  Our group fitness classes has it all, and for every level. Whether in water or on dry land, we have something for you. If it's fun and sweat you're looking for, we have that and more!   
Group Fitness Class
Greater Dayton Recreation Center (GDRC) | Lohrey (LOH) | Northwest Recreation Center (NWC)

Group Aquatic Aerobics

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Aqua Cardio (LOH)   6:30p-7:15p   6:30p-7:15p    
Aqua Flex (LOH)   9:30a-10:15a   9:30a-10:15a    
Aqua Flex (NW) 9:00a-9:45a   9:00a-9:45a      
Aqua Fit (LOH) 9:30a-10:15a   9:30a-10:15a      
Aqua Fit (NW)   9:00a-9:45a   9:00a-9:45a    
Aqua Zumba (LOH) 6:30p-7:15p   6:30p-7:15p     9:45a-10:30a
Hydro Cycling (NW) 6:30p-7:15p   6:30p-7:15p      

Group Fitness

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chair Yoga (LOH) 10:45a-11:30a   10:45a-11:30a      
Early AM Hitt Bootcamp (GDRC)   6:15a-7:15a   6:15a-7:15a    
Hip Hop Pump (NW)   7:00p-8:00p   7:00p-8:00p   9:00a-10a
Pilates (LOH) 7:15p-8:00p   7:15p-8:00p      
Piloxing (GDRC)   6:00p -7:00p   6:00p-7:00p    
Pound (GDRC)           9:00a-9:45a
Step 1 (GDRC) 6:00p-7:00p   6:00p-7:00p      
Step 1 (NW) 6:15p-7:15p   6:15p-7:15p      
TRX (NW)           12:00p-1:00p
Yoga (LOH) 6:00p-7:00p
Yoga (NW)     7:15p-8:00p   9:30a-10:15a  
Zumba (LOH) 6:00p-7:00p   6:00p-7:00p

Silver Sneaker Classic Class

Greater Dayton Recreation Center M/W 9:00a-9:45a
Lohrey Recreation Center T/TH 10:45a-11:30a
Northwest Recreation Center T/TH 10:15a-11:00a