Small Business Advocate

Welcome to the small business portal for the City of Dayton. Here, you will be connected to the resources that you need for locating or expanding your small business within the Dayton city limits. The Small Business Advocate helps clients with the zoning and building permitting processes and also serves as a link to other City permits that can affect your business.

Small Business Advocate Jeff Bankston is available to meet with you before your dollars are spent while evaluating a new location or planning a remodeling project in order to help you identify possible code related issues, required modifications and approval delays.

For any permit, you may still contact individual City of Dayton departments directly to apply for their specific permits as these processes have not changed. As an option, Jeff serves as a liaison to the permitting process and works closely with other City departments to ensure that each function works in tandem with your project.

Please note that Jeff's assistance does not replace the involvement of an architect in your project.

Building Codes, Permits and Zoning: The Permitting Process

A Certificate of Use and Occupancy can be obtained by approval through the permitting process, which begins with an application to Building Services at the One Stop Center. Almost all development or construction activity, from restroom remodels and door removals to major projects, requires one or more permits issued by the various sections within the One Stop Center. Upon approval, you will receive a Certificate of Use and Occupancy, which is your legal right to occupy and conduct business in a particular commercial building. It all starts with your permit application. A pre-application consultation with the Small Business Advocate is recommended for this to be a smooth process.

Preparing for Permit Application

Avoid delays during plan review by discussing code interpretations prior to applying for your permit. During a pre-application meeting, you will meet with our team of plan reviewers who can identify code requirements that could affect your project’s cost, schedule and scope.

Investigating a New Location

It is important to consider building and zoning regulations when choosing a site for your business, even if you do not plan to make any changes to the building. For example, you may not be permitted to conduct your business out of your home or engage in industrial activity in a retail district. Contact the Small Business Advocate for assistance before you close on a commercial property or sign a lease.

Expanding or Remodeling Your Existing Facilities

A pre-application meeting with or without an architect is recommended in order to discuss preliminary information about code requirements and restrictions affecting the use or development of your building or property. You can explore which City departments will be affected, and what permits you’ll need. Contact the Small Business Advocate for more information.

Large Festivals and Special Events

Pre-application planning assistance is also available for your large outdoor event or festival. Please follow the link for more information.

Planning Your Outdoor Event