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This page is designed to compile all pertinent information for plumbers. The Department of Water oversees all water line work within the public right-of-way (everything in the street). Please check with Building Inspection for specific information about any work outside of the right-of-way (private property).
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Services that do not require Department of Water intervention:
  • Any pipe work in a building structure or not in the public right-of-way
  • Water shut offs at the curb box
  • Testing or repairs of private water hydrants
The following list of services are required to be performed by the City of Dayton Division of Water Engineering. Please call 937-333-3725 to speak with a representative for any additional concerns.
  • Taps into the water utility lines. For water lines 4 inches and larger, call our Technical Services Supervisor at 937-333-3742. For water lines 2 inches and smaller - call our Customer Relations Aide at 937-333-6804
  • Relocation of taps into the city water utility

Who to Contact

Forms & Permits

The Standards for Taps, Services, Meters, and Backflow Prevention (PDF) document address the following:
  • Water Service Installation Costs
  • Sewer Service Installation Costs
  • Procedures For Water Service Taps
  • Permits for Water Service, Relocated Meter, Repair, Fire Hydrants
  • Inspections
  • Testing for Leakage/Pressure and Purity
  • Water Service Diagrams with Notes
For any requests of work to be done on water utilities including tapping, plugging, relocating, repairs and plumbing, the Mechanical Application (PDF) must be filled out and submitted to Building Inspections. For more information on storm or sanitary permits, call Sewer Maintenance at 937-333-4915. For water permits, call building services at 937-333-3883.

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