Operation Bureaus

Operation of the Water Reclamation Plant requires the services of many different personnel. The Division is composed of the following bureaus:


Thirty-five full-time wastewater operators work 3 shifts per day, 7 days a week to ensure that the treatment process operates at peak efficiency. They control the flows and removal processes, record operating data, open and close valves and do whatever it takes to keep the system running smoothly.


Twenty-one full-time maintenance employees are responsible for keeping all of the mechanical and electrical equipment in service.

Industrial Pretreatment

Two pretreatment coordinators and a four-member industrial monitoring group make sure that industrial sewer customers are meeting the limits of their discharge permits and paying fees proportionate to the wastewater treatment services they receive.


A team of five bacteriologist/chemists serve as the ‘eyes and ears' of the organization. They perform laboratory testing to ensure NPDES permit compliance, provide operational data to the operators, and monitor industrial discharge customers for permit compliance and sewer use surcharges.


The administrative group monitors expenses, purchase equipment, and supplies; manages the payroll, administer contracts, provide and document training; maintains all of the programs necessary to keep the plant operational.