Environmental Management

The Division of Environmental Management was established in 1989. As guardians of public health, we are devoted to protecting and preserving our region's water resources; accomplished through community education and outreach as part of the Division's primary initiatives.

Source Water Protection

Code of Ordinances Chapter 53 – Public Water Supply Pollutants
The Source Water Protection Program was established in 1988 to protect and manage our water resources following U.S.EPA and Ohio EPA source water program assessment guidelines.
  • Track, manage, and mitigate contaminated groundwater to prevent impacts to the City's well fields.
  • Perform chemical management inspections of Source Water Protection Area (SWPA) businesses.
  • Assist SWPA businesses in obtaining Dayton Regional Green (DRG) and Blue-Gold certification.
  • Offer financial incentives for risk reduction and pollution prevention projects to businesses located in the SWPA.

Storm Water Management

Code of Ordinances Chapter 54 – Stormwater Management
The Storm Water Management Program was established in 1997 with the creation of a storm water assessment to meet the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements.
  • Complete annual site inspections of over 560 outfalls,
  • Perform drainage area investigations to eliminate sources of pollution to our rivers through the City's municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4).
  • Respond to complaints and direct the emergency response program.
  • Oversee the City's environmental compliance requirements.

Sustainable Practices

The Sustainable Practices Policy was established in 2007 to protect the environment and improve the quality of life in Dayton region by promoting energy efficiency to save energy, money, and other resources.  The list below is more information about our Sustainable Practices.


As stewards of the public trust, our mission is to protect and preserve water resources (drinking water and surface water) and provide leadership in environmental compliance and education to enhance the quality of life and sense of community for all who live, work, visit, raise families, or conduct business in Dayton.

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