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The Dayton Fire Department's community services group provides several elements in key fire prevention areas. It works closely with Dayton businesses to provide regular fire prevention inspections and fire alarm and suppression system testing. It also works with contractors to assist in code compliance for fire alarm and suppression systems being installed in new and remodeled commercial and industrial buildings.

Community Events

The Dayton Fire Department also works cooperatively with Dayton Public Schools to conduct fire drills. Regular attendance at large public gatherings assure that those at the event will have adequate access to a means of escape and that the fire alarm and suppression systems are operable. In addition, Community Services places public service announcements with local media and provides educational material to the public.


A select group of highly trained individuals provides arson investigation services within the city. They are tasked to investigate the cause of suspicious fires and follow through with prosecution of those found accountable for the crimes.

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