Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Division, led by Deputy Chief Thomas Rice, is tasked with providing excellence in emergency response with a comprehensive system of personnel, equipment, and capabilities. Emergency Services is the largest division of the Fire Department and is responsible for responding to over 38,000 emergency calls annually throughout the community. Emergency Services is proud to provide an effective safety net of fire, EMS, hazmat, and technical rescue services from 12 fire stations strategically located throughout the city to save lives and protect property.

The Emergency Services Division staffs the following apparatus on a daily basis: 7 Engines, 4 Ladders, 7 Medics, 2 District Chiefs, and 1 ISU (Incident Support Unit – EMS). In addition, the division cross-staffs the following apparatus on a daily basis: the Regional Hazardous Materials Team, 2 Heavy Rescue Units, 2 Boats, 1 Mass Casualty Trailer, 2 Decon Units, and 1 Trench Rescue Trailer. The Emergency Services Division is committed to continuing to utilize the allocated budget in a fiscally responsible manner to support the City Commission’s priorities of prompt response to EMS, fire, and other related emergencies.

The personnel assigned to Emergency Services value excellent customer service and embrace the City of Dayton’s vision of exceeding expectations and commitment to excellence through high-quality service delivery from dedicated, knowledgeable, and courteous employees. The recent Dayton Survey revealed that Fire and EMS services ranked highest in the importance of City Services and also ranked highest in satisfaction with City Services with 72% satisfied or very satisfied with our services. As the primary division that directly serves the community, we are committed to providing the best possible service to all members of the community with pride, compassion, and professionalism.

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