Buying Property

Buying Property? What to Know About the Water Bill

When a property changes hands in the City of Dayton, the responsibility for the water / utility bill remains with the property. Check with Customer Service at 937-333-3550 before closing on a property to ensure that the water / utility bill has been paid in full.

Policy & Procedures

The City of Dayton's policy and procedures on paying delinquent bills is as follows:

The Revised Code of Government Ordinance Sec. 50.08 Water & Sewer Service Assessments

The Division of Revenue and Taxation shall administer in accordance with the provisions of the city Charter, this code, the Rules and Regulations of the Department of Water, and Section 50.03 R. C. G. O., assess and collect proper charges for water and sewer service. Any owner of real estate premises installing or maintaining water service connections shall be considered as accepting the provisions of all lawful rules and regulations of the Department of Water and as agreeing in particular, to be liable for all water and sewer service charges for such premises, whether the accounts for such premises are carried in the name of such owner or in the name of tenants or other persons.