Crisis Intervention Team

The Dayton Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team recognizes a special population that deserves special care, treatment and service. The mission of the CIT is to use understanding and skills gained through specific training to identify and provide a safe, effective and compassionate response to police situations involving people in mental health crisis.

Involvement with Law Enforcement

An increase in illegal narcotic/alcohol abuse and deinstitutionalization of mentally ill citizens has caused many to become homeless and potentially more violent, which increases the chances of involvement with law enforcement. Traditional police methods, misinformation and a lack of knowledge cause fear and frustration for residents and families. Too often officers respond to crisis calls where they feel at a disadvantage or placed in a no-win situation.

Unfortunately, it is usually after a tragedy that Police Departments look for a change. As a proactive program, CIT acts as a model committed to preventing tragic situations and finding win-win solutions for all persons concerned.

CIT is not only a police-training program. CIT is a community partnership and a commitment to community change.

CIT is a commitment for a true partnership between the law enforcement, mental health communities, persons with mental illness and their families. It is a commitment from all parties involved to do things differently.

For more information, contact Det. Patricia Tacket at 937-333-1149, or via email.