Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility between all members of the Dayton Police Department and the community.  As members of the Dayton Police Department, we strive to promote good community relations along with sound crime prevention measures.  The department has established programs which encourage the public to take an active role in preventing crimes and educate community members in crime prevention techniques.

Each Patrol Operations Division has dedicated Crime Prevention Officers who are tasked with being the liaisons between the Dayton Police Department and community, neighborhood, and business groups in order to assist with needs and projects related to preventing crime.  The Crime Prevention Officers also provide crime analysis reports in order to assess potential crime patterns or sprees in a specific area. 

Here are just some of the Crime Prevention programs the Dayton Police Department is part of:
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Right of Entry
  • Business Check
  • Bar Safe
  • Landlord Tenant Training
  • Bank Teller Traning
If you need information on Crime Prevention programs, you can contact:
Central Patrol Officer M. Morrison 937-333-1355
East Patrol Officer C. Hamilton
Officer K. Velez
West Patrol Officer R. Strehle 937-333-8990