Prohibited Signs

Are There Any Signs That Are Prohibited Within the City of Dayton Corporate Limits?

Yes. The following are prohibited in the City:
  • Any sign attached or otherwise applied to trees, bus shelters, utility poles, benches, trash receptacles, or other structures located in the public right-of-way without the City's permission.
  • Any movable sign over twenty (20) square feet, inflatable signs and tethered balloons, pennants, streamers, spinners and other similar types of attention-getting devices, except for changeable copy sign when in compliance with the applicable regulations.
  • Any signs on structures that are stacked on top of one another or that are attached side-by-side.
  • Roof signs, except roof signs shall be permitted in the CBD when the signage is located on the panels screening mechanical equipment. For the purposes of determining conformance with the regulations, a roof sign in the CBD shall be considered a building sign.
  • Merchandise, equipment, products, vehicles, or other items not themselves for sale and placed for attention-getting, identification, or advertising purpose.