Fulfill Disclosure Requirements

What Do I Need to Do to Fulfill the Disclosure Requirements?

Within 7-10 business days before closing on the sale of the property, the City should be contacted requesting violation information (usually done by the title company) and any pending bills or fees to be provided to them by the City. If the parcel begins with R72, please submit your violation/pending charges request via email to:
Email must contain: (1) parcel identification (R72-#####-####), (2) address, and (3) current and previous owners' names.

In response to your email, Housing will check the City's code enforcement system for Housing code violations. Finance and Public Works will check to see if there are any other pending charges.

If there are no open housing code violations, the form can be faxed in after being signed by the purchaser. If there is an open violation, the Disclosure Form should reflect the violations/structural nuisance status on page 2, AND a $60 fee must be submitted with the form. The $60 is a flat fee and not per violation.

If there are other charges due, Finance and/or Public Works will create an invoice for the charges (provided they have not already been sent).