Historic Districts Information

The table below indicates the twenty historic districts located in the city of Dayton that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the nation's official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation.

Nationally Recognized Districts

Twelve of these nationally recognized districts also have a local historic designation, which is commonly recognized as the most important means of historic preservation. These districts are indicated in the table below. You may read brief descriptions of residential historic districts (PDF). You may also wish to view a list of the names and locations (PDF) of historic buildings in historic district overlays.
Wright Dunbar Business District
  1. Dayton View
  2. DPL Group
  3. East 3rd Street
  4. Fire Blocks
  5. Grafton Hill
  6. Grafton-Rockwood-Wroe
  7. Huffman
  8. Kenilworth ‎
  9. Kossuth Colony
  10. McPherson Town
  11. Motor Car
  12. Oregon
  13. Paul Laurence Dunbar
  14. South Park
  15. Squirrel-Forest
  16. St. Anne’s Hill
  17. Terra Cotta
  18. VA
  19. West 3rd Street
  20. Wright-Dunbar

District: Dayton Motor Car Company District

Priority Board: Northwest ‎(2)

Neighborhood Listing Year
Buildings Acres Local?
Designated Year
Dayton View (PDF)
Old Dayton View
1984 219 75.4 Yes 1978

Preservation Efforts

In Dayton, preservation efforts are primarily undertaken by the Landmarks Commission, whose responsibilities include the consideration of modifications to or the demolition of structures located in the local historic districts. One of the planning publications used to guide in the evaluation of modifications is the Blueprint For Rehabilitation (PDF).

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