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About the City Organization

The City of Dayton was the first large city to adopt the Council Manager form of government, in 1913. The Dayton City Commission is comprised of five members - a Mayor and four Commissioners - who are elected at-large on a non-partisan basis. Dayton city government provides a full range of services, including police, fire, EMS, street maintenance, waste collection, building inspection, water supply and treatment, sewer maintenance, wastewater treatment, recreation, municipal courts, an international airport and a general aviation airport. The City of Dayton organization is comprised of 15 departments/offices employing approximately 2,000 employees. The General Fund budget is approximately $150 million.
City Seal


As stewards of the public trust, our mission is to provide leadership, excellent services, and participatory government to enhance the quality of community for all who live, work, raise families, play, or conduct business in Dayton.


Dayton is a community where people choose to live, work, play, and raise families. We serve as a regional leader and resource in offering cutting-edge services to our many customers.

Leadership Philosophy

We expect leadership qualities within each individual. We solicit each other's input and incorporate it into decision-making processes. To perform at the highest possible level, we procure and utilize appropriate resources, equipment, and training. We treat each other with dignity and respect and expect each individual to operate by our values:

Core Values


We serve our citizens and one another with courtesy and dignity recognizing the impact our actions have on the quality of life now and in the future. We value the diversity throughout our community and organization.


We are honest and ethical in all of our dealings with each other and with the public.


In the performance of our duties, we are individually and collectively accountable to citizens, customers, and stakeholders. We are competent, responsible, and dedicated to providing effective and efficient services.

Commitment to Excellence

We provide quality services with a continuing focus on customer value and financial performance. These services are provided with clear communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

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