Police Awards


Officer of the Year: Officer Ndayisaba Ramadhan

Supervisor of the Year: Sergeant Richard Taylor

Professional Staff Member of the Year: Courtney Fields

Steve Whalen Memorial Policing Award: Officer Christine Hamilton

Blue Heart: Officer Jeffrey Kloos

Medal of Valor:
Officer Jeffrey Kloos
Officer James West
Officer Erick Hamby
Officer John Griffin
Officer Katherine Brooks
Officer John Short
Sergeant Philip Watts

Award of Merit:
Officer Christopher Bartley
Officer Jason Bryant
Detective Dustin Phillips
Officer Joshua Huber
Officer Kyle Harris
Sergeant Philip Watts
Officer Caleb Lawson
Officer Kenneth Webster
Officer Wayne Hammock

Distinguished Service Award:
Officer Kenneth Webster
Officer Brian Rolfes
Officer David Denlinger

Exemplary Leadership Award:
Detective Rod Roberts
Sergeant Thomas Cope

Division Commander’s Award:
Investigations: Detective Matt Heiser
Operations Support: Sergeant Jonathan Sopczak
Support Services: Officer Rodney Barrett
Community Services: Officer Ron Strehle
Patrol Operations: Lieutenant Randy Beane

Outstanding Service to Crime Victims: Officer Tristen Bradley

First Year Officer Community Engagement Award: Officer Madeleine Beall