Wright Factory Redevelopment Project

Historic photo showing two men working on an airplane in the interior of the Wright Factory site
Aerial photo showing the exterior of the Wright Factory site in its current condition
Artist rendering showing people visiting the Wright Factory site, as it may appear after restoration

The Wright Factory business park redevelopment site, located at US 35 and Abbey, also known as the Wright Factory, is the original home of the Wright Airplane Company founded by Orville and Wilbur Wright. This site houses the world’s oldest standing aircraft manufacturing facility.

Redevelopment of this historic property is a high priority for the City of Dayton. The City has partnered with the National Park Service and the National Aviation Heritage Alliance to convert the original hangars (1 and 2 ) into an aviation museum and tourism destination.

Additionally, renovation plans for the non-historic hangars (3, 4, and 5) calls for the creation of a 50,000-sq. ft. operational center for Black and Brown entrepreneurs. This center will help foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem consisting of business development partners, low-cost leasable space, and shared resources. Also activated on this site will be a 20,000-sq. ft. food hall, urban market, and community space. This mixed-used project will provide retail, entertainment, and dining options for residents and tourists.

For more information about the Wright Factory Business Park Redevelopment Site, please contact Veronica Morris, Economic Development Supervisor, at 937.333.3912 or veronica.morris@daytonohio.gov.

Artist rendering of a master plan showing possible building layouts for the Wright Factory site
Artist rendering of the entrance of the new West Branch Library, located at the Wright Factory site