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What is Active Transportation?

Active transportation is human-powered transportation that engages people in healthy physical activity while they travel from place to place.

People walking, bicycling, using strollers, wheelchairs/ mobility devices, skateboarding, and rollerblading are engaged in active transportation.

Why is the City of Dayton completing an Active Transportation Plan?

We envision that people of all ages and abilities – living, working, and visiting the City of Dayton – have access to affordable, safe, convenient methods of transportation including cycling, walking, and other types of micromobility for recreation, utility, and commuting.

Creating an Active Transportation Plan will help the city prioritize projects and identify appropriate funding sources to complete them and in doing so, move closer to realizing this vision.

How do you get around the City? What would you like to see improved?

Share your thoughts and experiences by completing our online survey.

And learn more about events, access resources and check out the existing plans and policies influencing this plan by visiting our website.

Planning Schedule

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