Urban Agriculture Grant

People in Greenhouse at Greater Edgemont Community Solar Garden

In an effort to comply with Ohio EPA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit requirements, the Department of Water has developed an Urban Agriculture Grant to reduce the amount and increase the quality of the storm water draining to the city of Dayton’s rivers and streams. 

Urban agriculture is an important source of environmental benefits. The use of best management practices (BMPs) protect soil fertility and stability, prevent excessive runoff, reduce the emissions of CO2, increase carbon sequestration, and reduce the incidence and severity of natural disasters such as floods. These positive benefits often merit assistance to producers such as technical and financial and other public support. 

The Urban Agriculture Grant will be administered by the City of Dayton. The maximum grant amounts per site  are $500 for water use charges and $2,500 for initial infrastructure installation. Interested parties must apply annually to the City of Dayton; Department of Planning, Neighborhoods and Development.

In order to be eligible for the Urban Agriculture Grant, the applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The project must be operated within the City of Dayton Corp. boundary.
  • The project must create a community benefit and not be restricted to a single property owner/family.
  • The project must incorporate appropriate storm water Best Management Practices to prevent erosion from the site, i.e., vegetated strips. BMPs must be approved by the Division of Water Engineering prior to receiving grant funding.
  • The project must comply with all applicable City of Dayton Zoning regulations.
  • Must be in good standing with all City of Dayton  Utility Service Accounts.
  • Gardens operating on City of Dayton property, with an Urban Agriculture Agreement through the Department of Planning, Neighborhoods and Development will be given priority.

Urban Agriculture Grant Guidelines | Urban Agriculture Grant Application