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 Lot Links 


What is Lot Links?  The Lot Links program is a partnership between individual citizens or developers, the City of Dayton and Montgomery County. The program provides a way of bringing abandoned tax-delinquent properties back into productive use via: 1) Acquisition of tax-delinquent vacant lots by those seeking lots for yard or home expansion, building of garages, urban gardens, etc.; and 2) Acquisition of tax-delinquent abandoned housing stock by those willing to perform rehab work or demolition/housing construction. Abandoned tax-delinquent commercial properties may also be acquired via Lot Links.

How Does It Work?  The applicant makes a deposit (currently $750) and submits an application outlining what they plan to do with the property and where their resources will come from. The City of Dayton confirms abandonment, approves (by ordinance) submission of a request to initiate a tax foreclosure to Montgomery County and takes possession of the property upon completion of the foreclosure case. Montgomery County removes all back taxes; the City of Dayton collects the remaining costs of the foreclosure from the applicant, and transfers ownership to the applicant as the end user. The average cost of a foreclosure is $2,000 to $2500. The average time frame for the process is about 15 months. Deposits are refundable only if the tax foreclosure cannot legally be completed. Additional recorded information about the Lot Links program is available by calling 937-333-3775.

What Make a Property Eligible for Acquisition Through Lot Links?

  1. Property must be in the City of Dayton and
  2. Property must be at least two years in arrears on taxes and
  3. Property cannot have had the tax lien sold and
  4. Property cannot have an active delinquent tax payment contract between the owner and the County Treasurer and
  5. Property cannot already have a tax foreclosure in process by someone else and
  6. Property must be unoccupied/vacant and abandoned, without active utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Where can I get an application? Download here.                           

How can I find out if a building has code violations or is on the nuisance/demolition list? Search here.

How do I search for eligible tax-delinquent properties? CODE for Dayton volunteers have created a Lot Linker Search Tool to help you find eligible properties by screening for eligibility criteria 1-5 above. You may access the tool by following this link: The Lot Linker tool is updated monthly.

Where can I get more details about how the acquisition process works? View this video produced by the Dayton Informer.                                          

Where do I call with additional questions? 937-333-3670

Surplus Land Sales The City of Dayton owns many vacant lots that may be purchased for use as yard or home expansions, urban gardens, etc. If the City already owns a vacant lot you are interested in purchasing, there is no need for a tax foreclosure, and the transfer of property can take place in as few as 90 days. The standard cost for a surplus land sale is currently $650, unless otherwise stated. An application is required. See the most recent list of surplus vacant lots here