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Preferred Property Application

  1. Preferred Property Seal Art

  2. Attach Property Manager's Training Certificate for Property Manager's Training Course or equivalent

  3. The City will be contacting you to schedule your required fire and housing assessments. Below are checklists to help you prepare for the assessments.

  4. Any questions, contact the Dayton Fire Department Non-Emergency number at (937) 333 - 4520.

    • Working smoke alarms on all floors
    • No major structural defects
    • No holes in the roof, ceilings and walls
    • No electrical hazards present
    • Combustibles kept safe distance from heat sources (eg. water heaters)
    • Structure has running water
    • Hallways and stairways clear and unobstructed
    • No excessive storage in the property
    • Property is free of rubbish
    • 2 ways to get out of the unit
    • Windows are free from obstruction and easy to open
    • Gas appliances & heat systems working properly
    • Address is plainly legible & visible from street
    • Chimneys and vents okay

    • Photoelectric smoke alarms
    • Smoke alarms in every bedroom
    • If gas appliances present, is there an operable carbon monoxide alarm
    • Fire extinguisher in normal charged condition

    • No visible structural defects
    • Structure has sound roof
    • Structure is sound: no porch falling down, etc.
    • Structure has intact windows / doors
    • Gutters, fascia, and soffits intact
    • Is structure painted (if applicable)
    • Is yard mowed / maintained
    • Is structure free from trash, litter, junk
    • Other code violations

  5. Attach the property's MC Rental Registration. Property owners can register here.

  6. Do Not List Property

    Check here if you do not want your property listed on the City of Dayton's Preferred Property Website

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