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Dayton City Beautiful Award

  1. City Beautiful

  2. The Dayton City Beautiful Award is presented by the City of Dayton seasonally. The award encourages and recognizes civic pride by acknowledging property owners/occupants who devote extra effort to property beautification and maintenance. Residential, commercial and institutional properties are eligible. Honorees receive a Certificate of Award presented at a City Commission meeting, a yard sign for display, and recognition in City communications. Properties must meet one or more of the following criteria: aesthetic appeal; landscaping (design, color, balance); architectural design and placement; landscape and building maintenance; treatment of parking areas; preservation of trees and natural amenities; awareness of ordinances and City codes; appropriate placement/design of new construction; use of paint to complement buildings; enhancement of overall appearance of the area; or removal of blight.

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    Photographs are encouraged with submission. All nominations received in 2017 will remain on file and be considered during the award period. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of City of Dayton employees and announced at a TBD City Commission meeting. Winners will receive a certificate from the Office of the Mayor and yard sign to display. All decisions made by the judges are final. Submitted photos may be used by the City of Dayton for marketing purposes. The City of Dayton may also photograph nominated or winning properties for marketing purposes.

  7. If you have questions about the Dayton City Beautiful Award, please contact Rachel Bankowitz at 937-333-4271 or

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