Posted on: November 3, 2016

New Bike Lanes on Warren Street Celebrated

bike lanes photo by chris buck

Bike lanes on Warren Street are open for public use. The project is a continuation of the bike lanes on Brown Street that connect the University of Dayton to downtown. Last night, Bike Miami Valley advocates, agency partners, and several University of Dayton students rode the new bike lanes to spread awareness of the new amenities and discuss safe riding habits.

The city is becoming more and more bike friendly. Earlier this year, the city implemented a minimum three foot passing ordinance that is aimed at keeping all road users safe. In addition to the Warren Street bike lanes, the City installed new bike lanes on Broadway earlier this year and plans to finalize some on East Fifth Street in the coming months.

Common questions from car drivers:

“Is it okay if I park/unload my car in the bike lane?” Bike lanes are for people driving bikes – so avoid parking or driving in those lanes. It could result in a traffic ticket.

“How do I make a right turn when there’s a bike lane on my right?” As you approach an intersection to turn where there are bike lanes, the line will become dashed instead of solid, indicating that traffic can mix. Car drivers should signal, yield to passing bike traffic, then merge into the bike lane to make their right turn. Bicyclists should anticipate cars needing to make right turns. A car driver should move into the dashed space so cyclists cannot pass on their right as the car driver turns.

“Why is a person on a bike in my travel lane and not in the bike lane?” Remember, every lane is a bike lane. Bikes are legal vehicles of the road. Even though a bike lane is present, a person driving a bike is not required to use it for several reasons, including but not limited to: debris or a hazard in the lane such as glass, the person is merging with traffic to make a left turn, the person is moving faster than another person biking and needs to pass. For any of these reasons and more, a person bicycling may choose to not use a bike lane.

Here is additional information as morning and evening commutes will be getting darker:

For bicyclists
• Wear light colored or reflective clothing, plus helmet
• Install and use front and rear lights on your bike
• Bike with, not against, the flow of traffic
• Ride on the street, not on the sidewalks by pedestrians

For motorists
• Follow all posted speed limits
• Avoid distractions like cell phone use while driving
• Remember that every lane is a bike lane – when you see a cyclist in your lane, slow down and follow proper passing procedures for overtaking a slower vehicle
• Remember that the City of Dayton requires a minimum of 3 feet of safe passing distance when overtaking all vehicle types

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