I Want To...

  1. Alarm Registration

    Register your alarm online using this form.

  2. Bicycle Registration

    Register your bicycle online by filling out this form.

  3. File a Report

    Using this online police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free.

  4. Forfeited Vehicles for Sale

    The Dayton Police Department disposes of forfeited automobiles by selling them on an online auction for government surplus property.

  5. Obtain a Crime / Memorandum Report

    Use this online tool to retrieve any incident report

  6. Police Department Feedback

    Please complete this form to provide your feedback to, or request information from, the Dayton Police Department.

  7. Report a Crime

    Dayton Police officers use reports to record law enforcement and crime activity that occurs in the city.

  8. Report Officer Conduct

    Submit a complaint or ask a question regarding any interaction with Dayton Police you have experienced. Our Professional Standards Bureau will respond to ensure we are always providing professional, respectful and lawful service.

  9. Ride Along with Police

    Submit a ride-along request to learn what it's like to go on patrol.

  10. Submit a Web Tip

    Submit a tip to police using this online tool.

  11. Towed Vehicle Information

    Vehicles that have been towed by the Dayton Police Department may be recovered by the registered owner at the Auto Recovery Unit, located in the Safety Building, 335 West 3rd Street, first floor.

  12. Obtain a Traffic Crash Report

    Locate a traffic accident report online.

  13. Use Nuisance List

    Dayton's Use Nuisance Abatement Program is a legal process by which a structure can be declared a nuisance by virtue of evidence of certain illegal activity.

  14. When to Use 911

    See some information guiding you on when it's appropriate to call 911.

  15. Steve Whalen Award Nomination

    Each year the Steve Whalen Memorial Fund Committee selects one Dayton Police Officer for recognition as the Steve Whalen Memorial Policing Award winner. The winning officer is nominated by citizens for his or her work and dedication to our community.

  16. Officer Appearance Request

    If you would like a Dayton Police Officer to appear or speak at your upcoming event, please fill out this form to make your request.